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In the event the office receives word of an emergency related to a member of an employee’s family, the employee will be notified as soon as possible. Should the employee be at a location away from his/her normal workplace, arrangements will be made to contact the employee, and if necessary, arrange for the employee to return home immediately.

If there is any question regarding hours of work during severe weather or in an emergency situation, employees are responsible for contacting the business office regarding opening and closing hours.

Performance of employees will be evaluated periodically by management. The evaluation may consist of a personal interview during which an employee’s strengths and weaknesses will be discussed and evaluated, and recommendations for improvement may be made. These interviews help to identify the short and long-range goals of employees and determine how they interrelate with the company’s purposes and objectives.

Any recommendation for promotion, a change of duties, or an increase in pay must be approved by the Personnel Department before any change takes effect. A performance evaluation does not necessarily mean a change in pay or duties.

(Company Name) believes in promoting from within the company. We want employees to have the opportunity for promotion to higher paying positions within the company. A promotion may be based on such factors as quality and quantity of work, prior job performance, experience, education background, attendance record, safety record, and the ability to work well with others.

We reserve the right to look outside the organization if we feel that an employee with the best qualifications cannot be found within the organization.

Garnishments are court orders requiring an employer to withhold specified amounts from an employee’s wages for payment of a debt owed by the employee to a third party. State law requires the company to honor garnishments of employee wages (including child support) as a court or other legal judgment may instruct. The law also provides for an administrative fee to be charged when a garnishment occurs.

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