Your Policies... Your Benefits
By Jerry Hopper and Associates
Do NOT risk litigation because your policies are NOT
written & acknowledged by your employees
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Jerry Hopper & Associates has been in business for over 30 years as consultants in Human Resources. We specialize only in employee handbooks.
Over 20,000 copies of our Employee Handbook have been sold to companies with as few as seven employees and as many as 500. The size of a company has no bearing on the intent nor the design of a policy or benefit.
We have done 95% of the work for you. You need only spend 60-90 minutes completing your customized handbook. Each of the four versions costs $98.00, which includes tax and shipping. Click Here to order yours today.
Our book has been used in court as a defense of a company's policies and was praised by the judge for its easy to understand non-legalized presentation.
JERRY HOPPER & ASSOCIATES P.O. Box 2375, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 | Email:order@employer-policies.com
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